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We love this community and we want to reach as many people as possible to offer our service of healthy, healing touch. Lifted Wing Massage is dedicated to the movement towards living your best life. Our world is filled with everyday reasons we might not be doing that right now. We want to be part of your refocus. Our goal is to dedicate 936 FREE MASSAGES each year to individuals who may have experienced life’s darker side.

This year, Lifted Wing Massage would like to offer FREE MASSAGE along with a voucher for child care to newly divorced or widowed single parents.  A change such as this in a person’s life is no less than devastating.  Often, we don’t realize how the sudden absence of human contact affects our brain chemistry.  Sometimes, when in the throws of healing, we may seek this contact in unhealthy ways.  We understand the power of healthy, healing touch and are looking to provide an alternative option on the journey of the many individuals who are experiencing these types of challenges.  Why 936?  That is our ability to schedule 3 massages a day, 6 days a week for an entire year. We’re hoping to help hundreds of individuals in our community, one massage at a time.

Lifted Wing Massage is not a non-profit organization and therefore must depend on generous, non-tax exempt, donations in the form of a genuine purchase in order to see Project 936 come to fruition. When you purchase your choice of available product, you are making a purchase with a purpose. And when you wear your products and spread the word, you proudly show your support for the cause. Check out your choices below.

Project 936 is a commitment to provide needed support for sole proprietors or contract employees who don’t qualify for the current solutions.


Our Solution?

We’re offering a symbol of foundation, determination and rugged transformation.Every 936 pair of boots sold, will enable us to provide small businesses with over $20,000 worth of capital gifts. Invest in a pair of versatile, small business sourced, genuine leather boots. Each pair modestly dons the Project 936 logo and when you wear them you display your personal support to your community. We hope our rapidly increasing goals will allow us to impact an unlimited number of these types of small businesses led directly by consumer commitment to a Purchase With A Purpose

There were those that recognized the shift and altered their game plan accordingly.  With determination, the jacks of all trades broke into small business and were independently creating their own sources of income.  Make no mistake, they were hustlers and making their own rules but many still operated and lived hand to mouth.  Still, like most Americans, they were one paycheck away from bankruptcy.   


The suggestion to handle today’s current situation is to have everyone remain inside, sufficiently and successfully quasi-quarantined to reduce the spread of C o v i d – 1 9.  While the benefits of this are delivered to us daily, another hard truth behind this solution is that for the majority of the people in your neighborhood – who were once part of your daily routine – won’t be there anymore when society re-emerges.  Yes, social programs are doing their best to provide some relief to the economy as a whole but the reality is, the smiling faces that are there everyday, running entire one-man shows, will not have made it through the red tape thrown up in haste.

We’re not all in the same boat

The playing field is by no means level.

And there’s the first pitch

The unprecedented relief that has been offered to small businesses will help a certain number of establishments within certain guidelines.  And while this is a wonderful step on the road to recovery, there are thousands of even smaller businesses that do not qualify for such assistance.

Project 936 was initially created to help expand our own small business by developing a source that would also allow us to support the tiny town that had embraced us.  It was a commitment to offer our services at no cost three times a day, six days a week for an entire year.

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As we watched the doors to our own small business slowly and painfully close, our hearts were equally devastated watching this happen to our neighbors and friends. Most of them just like ours where the sole proprietor is the professional as well as the marketer, the accountant, the web designer, the receptionist and the face of customer satisfaction.  We wanted to help the tiny community that had recently undergone a dramatic revival after having been threatened “death by interstate” less than a decade earlier.  We realized the need to restructure and scale this mission to include as many small business that may have fallen through the cracks of consideration for being neither dependant on another for their own income or large enough to have employees.  An ironic sort of punishment to those closest to the false reality of pulling one’s self up by their bootstraps. 

Project 936

We wanted to offer a symbol of deep rooted pride and meaningful nostalgia.

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Pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps


Pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps

(idiomatic) To begin an enterprise or recover from a setback without any outside help; to succeed only by one’s own efforts or abilities. 

The Perfect Symbol

I focused on researching heartwarming stories I somehow associated with my grandparents generation.  Always having believed this phrase was a post WWII expression that encouraged the rebuilding of our fine and equal opportunity filled country, I was surprised to learn this was a fatal misconception. 

Columnist John McDermott, in an article for, points out about the juxtaposition among the history of the phrase about “bootstraps — a phrase that went from a way to mock something as a fool’s errand, to a rebel yell.”

MROnline published an article by Martin Hart-Landsberg, pointing out that “The irony is that the phrase itself originally referred to something that was physically impossible to achieve.”

This circulation went on to explain, “Quite simply, there are no magical bootstraps that enable working people to “pull themselves up” to economic security and well-being by dint of their own hard work. The problem is that far too many Americans still believe in their existence and thus blame themselves for their economic situation.”

Rakeen Mabud and Andrea Flynn express in Teen Vogue that “it’s time to call the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” narrative what it is: a myth. Americans are poor neither because of a lack of hard work nor because people of color and immigrants are snatching opportunities from them. There are hurdles such as lawmakers often writing the rules of our economy to tilt the playing field in their and their donors’ favor…”

Even as recently as February 2020, Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times highlighted the problem with this narrative and their solution is as reasonable as was homesteads being offered to pioneers to expand the country. A “change of heart is what we need for our country as a whole. American(s).. need fewer wagging fingers or homilies about bootstraps, and more helping hands.”

Our project has us remembering how Americans, coming together, keep making it happen.

When this is all said and done, it will be the solidarity of the communities and their commitment to endure. It is our wish for the “unqualified” small businesses that opportunities arise for you to restructure, rebuild and above all, reopen!

“Do not go gentle into that good night.”

~Dylan Thomas

Purchase With A Purpose

No one is kidding themselves, if these sole proprietors weren’t large enough to even be recognized when millions were handed cash payouts, they would certainly lack the power to rise up against the system.  That’s where Project 936 comes in; we’re not trying to beat the system, we’re joining them.  Only, with a new intention for the bottom line.  It’s an offer to maintain our expectation for quality products with an instant contribution towards community responsibility : A Purchase With A Purpose.

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Project 936 has has committed to conducting business with a new intention.

Our focus on the bottom line not only includes the growth of our own business but it also involves the ability to support those “unqualified” businesses so that they may reopen, hopefully seamlessly, to begin contributing once again back to their communities. We believe in the power of positive intentions which is why we have also committed to the continued donation of profit portions to other facets of communities that make extraordinary differences in the lives of it’s citizens. That means, the more we sell, the more we are able to help.

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This is us redefining what it means to conduct business. 

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