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We love this community and we want to reach as many people as possible to offer our service of healthy, healing touch. Lifted Wing Massage is dedicated to the movement towards living your best life. Our world is filled with everyday reasons we might not be doing that right now. We want to be part of your refocus. Our goal is to dedicate 936 FREE MASSAGES each year to individuals who may have experienced life’s darker side.

This year, Lifted Wing Massage would like to offer FREE MASSAGE along with a voucher for child care to newly divorced or widowed single parents.  A change such as this in a person’s life is no less than devastating.  Often, we don’t realize how the sudden absence of human contact affects our brain chemistry.  Sometimes, when in the throws of healing, we may seek this contact in unhealthy ways.  We understand the power of healthy, healing touch and are looking to provide an alternative option on your individual journey.  Why 936?  That is 3 massages a day, 6 days a week for an entire year.

Lifted Wing Massage is not a non-profit organization and therefore must depend on generous, non-tax exempt, donations in order to see Project 936 come to fruition. We don’t like you to leave away empty handed, however. We want to provide for you a gift of your choice when you donate $25 or more to Project 936*. When you wear your gift, you proudly show your support for the cause. Check out the gifts below.

Pink Pearl Band Bracelet

Black Pearl Band Bracelet

Pink Pearl String Bracelet

Black Pearl String Bracelet

Lifted Wing Pearl Set

*Gifts available while supplies last