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Lifted Wing Massage Rogers, AR.  People search for wisdom in their experiences.  Such wisdom is discovered during reflection.  However, only when people relax, can reflection happen.  Typically, our culture doesn’t allow for relaxation.  Some clients feel as if they no longer remember how.  Many times, people  As as result, this type of tension can be sustained for endless waking hours. This unsustainable practice can create a state of arrested development.  It can also lead to serious health issues.  These can include back problems, headaches or even organ dysfunction.  An individual’s needs are what we design our therapy after.  We’re qualified to find the locations of tension and pain in your body.  The relaxation that a mind, body and heart needs is what we are dedicated to providing.

We are conveniently located just outside Downtown Rogers in the Glenn Neal Realty Building.  Our calendar is filling up fast so, click the button below to reserve your spot today!

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MON – FRI 10am – 6pm

SAT 10am – 2pm



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